Copycat Websites Designed To Trick Users

Example image seen on scam websites
Example image, originally from this site, that is being used on fake websites.

This is a warning: a number of fake websites have been created recently that claim to distribute "updated" versions of the XJZ Survey Remover tools that are declared to work with download sites. Some of these websites are even mimicking this one through unauthorised use of its graphics.

Their claims are fictitious: the "updated" tools will not do as they describe and are likely dangerous. Ironically, saome they are trying to compromise victim's privacy by using content monetisation systems with the distribution of their sham programs.

Malicious parties are motivated to create fake websites on the chance that an unknowing victim downloads scam software or buys a fake product. The scam software is likely to be packed with malicious tools, which unethically make the con artist money by subjecting the victim to spyware, malicious adware and even ransomware.

If you believe you may have accidentally downloaded fake software, please do not run it; instead remove it immediately. At the same time you should ensure that your computer has an anti-virus program that is active and up to date. You should also check that you have a firewall that is protecting your computer. There are lots of excellent, paid and free, anti-virus and firewall programs available from Internet if you need them: just take a quick look using your favourite search engine.

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