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Please use this page to get in touch; I will read your email and get back to you if required. However, please note that it may take a while for me to reply if I am busy.

If you decide to get in touch, please:
  • Write in English if you can. If you cannot, I shall try to translate your message using an online tool (and possibly my limited knowledge of other languages). Translation tools are not perfect so I apologise in advance if I misinterpret non-English messages.
  • State clearly the purpose of your message.
  • Explain in detail any points you wish to make (e.g. don't just say "a link on the site is broken" - please say where the link is!).
  • Indicate if you don't want a reply as I will reply to all (reasonable) emails.
  • Don't write all of your message in the title!

Please get in touch directly and securing by send an email to:
surveyPlease enable images to view email addressPlease enable images to view email addressTo prevent spam, this email address cannot be copy and pasted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This email address not for:
  • Asking questions already answered on the website.
  • Sending spam/marketing emails
  • Sending abusive messages.