User Removal Kit (URK), Update to Version 3


Last updated, 24/06/11
V3 Beta version released, 25/08/11
V2 Beta version released, 24/06/11
V2 Development started, 21/06/11

Project Aims:

  • To better support the removal of iframes
  • To re-write the URK code so that it is object orientated and thus so that variable pollution doesn't occur
  • To prevent 2 URK's existing at the same time
  • To improve the structure of the code to allow maintainability and extensibility



  • Major work done to update to version 3
  • Fixed errors seen in version 2
  • Code refactored for better maintainability


  • Created beta version
  • Simplified testing scripts
  • Reduced coupling with the survey remover
  • Added margin changer to compensate for changes in an element's borders
  • Added previous style preserver
  • Added previous event listener preserver
  • Tested new implementation
  • Fixed and improved the testing page
  • Changed directory names to more suitable ones on the server
  • Started re-writing the URK's code


  • Project started